Augmented reality in the car steps towards production at CES

In a clear trend at CES 2017, three automotive equipment makers presented augmented reality (AR) concepts for the car, which could greatly enhance safety by placing warnings and environment information right on the windshield. Rather than distracting, this imagery serves to highlight objects around the car. … Source:

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Time for developers to get real about augmented reality technology

Augmented reality technology — an interactive, immersive computing experience that combines the real world with virtual computerized fabrications — is poised for explosive growth. It’s yet another technology in which application developers need to quickly acquire expertise. Daryl Plummer, chief of research at Gartner, said he believes by 2020, 100 million consumers will leverage augmented […]

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Tech groups see new future with augmented reality

Augmented reality is set to be one of the big themes of January’s Consumer Electronics Show as investment pours into start-ups working on new headsets and other systems that throw digital “holograms” on top of the real world. The ability to visualise and manipulate 3D images as though they were real objects, tell immersive stories […]

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Why augmented reality is one to watch in 2017

As we wind down for Christmas I’ve read my fair share of round up and predictions blogs for the year ahead and one thing that keeps popping up is Virtual Reality (VR). Indeed we talked about it in our own predictions blog and there’s no doubt that some brands have made a big impact by […]

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Augmented reality set to overtake VR as new apps go live

You’re at work, flipping through emails that hang in mid-air. Graphs, text messages and pictures pop up on your desk, then disappear. Bored, you sit back and watch a jellyfish bob across the ceiling. This is augmented reality – real life only better, bedazzled with digital displays. AR is the next futuristic fantasy the tech […]

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The Fourth Transformation: Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence

In the beginning, there were mainframe computers and punch cards. Since then, we’ve seen three transformations. The latest, augmented reality plus artificial intelligence, will change more than the previous three combined. At least, that’s what tech evangelist Robert Scoble and author Shel Israel say in their new book: The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial […]

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