At Grafficity we are passionate about changing the world with Augmented Reality. We are intrigued by the potential to integrate reality and creativity together using computer graphic design, machine learning, computer vision and other technologies. We are looking for exceptional people to join us in this mission.

Reasons to Join Grafficity

  1. Exciting – Work on one of the biggest technical challenge of the century.
  2. Talented – Join a team of passionate engineers, scientists & developers.
  3. Potential – join a $20B industry with a 60% growth rate.
  4. Well-paid – industry-level salary & stock-options.
  5. Culture – startup culture with a tech-focused vision.
  6. Active life – live 15 minutes from the ski slopes. Great weather in summers lets you bike to work, hike, climb, swim  in the lakes.
  7. Team-friendly – Hanover is home to Dartmouth College.
Job Openings

Computer Vision Developer

  • 2+ years of experience preferred, 1+ years of experience in computer vision or related area required
  • Proficiency in C++ is a must. Experience with libraries such as OpenGL, OpenCV, Eigen, or VXL is a bonus;
  • Familiar with software development tools (e.g. git, teamcity, JIRA)
  • Demonstrated ability to produce production quality code while working in a fast-paced dynamic team
  • Ability to work in a team and strong communication skills.

Machine Learning & Computer Vision Researcher

  • PhD in CS, EE or CE and 3 years professional experience, or an MS Degree in same and 5 years professional experience
  • Experience in imaging/computer vision/video processing
  • Algorithm full cycle development: Feature detection, Feature descriptors, Image Registration, Tracking, SLAM and Optical Flow
  • OpenCV/OpenGL along with C/C++ development experience.
  • Scripting language familiarity: Python/Matlab
  • Ability to work in a team and strong communication skills.
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