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Paint the world around you!

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Underlying Features

Based on Cutting Edge Technologies

” We build a set of digital tools to help our customers create and share augmented reality content material with ease. “

Feature Detection

Capturing the features and information very efficiently and saving it on our cloud server.

Virtual Reality Fusion

Overlaying the artwork creations on the real world frames.

Location Based

Reconstructing the content, messages and commercial ads at a given location.

Real World Map

3D reconstruction of the real world using multiple shots of a given location.

Sharing Platform

Easily share the artwork on major social platforms.

Service Based

Providing location based VR platform for customers and companies.

We are making the world of augmented reality more accessible for the people.

— Grafficity —

Cutting Edge Platforms

We provide astonishing frontend platforms based on 

solid science-driven backends.

Desktop Solution

A stand-alone solution to construct and develop unique complex augmented reality designs.

Mobile Application

A reliable, user-friendly application to create and share augmented reality contents.

Control Panel

An integrated platform to manage, supervise and analyze resources, users, and infrastructure.

Innovative Technology

Virtual Design Studio

A virtual workspace to make, review and share your augmented reality design. Works on mobile, desktop and web!

Computer Vision

We are using custom designed machine vision algorithms to empower the backend needed for scene and object recognition and rendering platforms!

Augmented Reality API

An easy to reach API to manage, create and share your customized augmented reality designs however you want!